The Best $30 a month Tracfone Cell Phone Plan

If you purchase a $30 Tracfone card you will get 120 minutes. If you have DMFL on your phone you will get 240 minutes. If you use your Tracfone for texting most phones charge .3 units per text to send and to receive. I do not recommend adding minutes to a Tracfone that does not have DMFL on it. Check out Tracfone DMFL here.

The Tracfone $80 card will give you 900 minutes with DMFL which is 8.9 cents a minute.

The best Tracfone deal is the $200 1500 minute card which will give you 3,000 minute with DMFL. This is 6.6 cents a minute and the card gives you 12 months of service time. If you figured this as 7 months of service at $30 a month this is a good value.

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It’s better to check if roaming services are included with wireless phone plans. If the costumer used to travel the country this must be really important; and other thing, make sure to read at least two times the contract and the details before you sign up.